Print Classification

asos polka dotI classified this print as itty bitty polka dots for my Instagram caption, but upon closer inspection you can see that they’re more like clusters of dashed lines with dots splattered in between. I think polka dots sound cuter though, don’t they? :p

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Fresh Flowers

western beltSeeing as I often post pictures of flowers on Instagram (on houses, at the flower market, in flatlays, the list goes on…), you’d think that I’d be the type to always be running to the store to pick up some #freshblooms. Not the case, actually!

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50 Styles, 50 States

old navy 50 states 50 stylesWhen Old Navy asked me to be part of their 50 Styles, 50 States campaign and show off my California-inspired look, I knew I had to share something with a little San Francisco flare!

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